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Search Web OPAC to find books available at Library. Though most our collection is in print format, an increasing number of titles are available in electronic format.

E-Books Subject Call Numbers     

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The call number listed below is based on general Library of Congress subject classifications. These numbers are provided primarily as a browsing tool. This lists is presented as a quick guide to selected subject and call number ranges, and not a comprehensive research tool.

  • Wood NA4110

Fine Arts--Architecture--Special classes of buildings--Classed by material--Wood ; Wood buildings  —Architecture

  • Wood ND1575

        Fine Arts--Painting--Painting materials and methods--Special surfaces for painting--Wood ;
        Wood--Painting surface

  • Wood NA7173

Fine Arts--Architecture--Special classes of buildings--Classed by use--Domestic architecture. Houses. Dwellings--Special materials--Wood ; Wood--Domestic architecture

  • Wood NK2115.5W66

Fine Arts--Decorative arts. Applied arts. Decoration and ornament--Interior decoration. House decoration--Special elements in interior decoration, A-Z--Wood ; Wood--Interior decoration

  • Wood Z5354.W64

Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources--Subject bibliography--Botany--Special topics (General), A-Z--Wood; Wood--Bibliography--Botany

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 Printed Books
 Books are important sources of information for subject research. Below is a list of books often used in Wood.                                             
  • Mechanics of wood and wood composites.    TA420 B667
  • Wood engineering.   TA666 G87
  • The structure of wood.   QK647 J3 1970
  • Wood preservation.   TA422 H85 1967
  • Wood finishing.   TT325 C6
  • Wood heat.   TH7437 V58
  • Flow in wood.   TA419.S425
  • Water in wood.   TA419 S52
  • Defects in wood.   TA422 E7 1964
  • Wood adhesives.   TP968 P4
  • The chemistry of wood.   TS932.C45
  • Wood in building.   TA666.T55 1971
  • Wood in construction.   TA419 R521
  • Acoustics of wood.   TA420 B926 2006
  • Wood houses.   NA7173 W873
  • Wood carving.   NK9704 W874
  • Wood utilization.   TS820 W873
  • The wood book.   SD536 H838
  • Wonders in wood.    TT174.5 W6W975
  • Babes in the wood.    PR6068 E63B113
  • Wood machining.    TS878 W873
  • Wood houses.    NA7173 W873
  • What wood is that? : a manual of wood identification.   SD536 E3

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This page indentifies the journal indexes most relevant to Language, Literature and Communication, and provides links to the Library's e-journals page, and how to obtain journal articles.

Related Databases Printed Journals

Use online databases to find journal articles about a subject. Below is a list of databases which are most often used in Language, Literature and Communication:

  • Science Direct
  • Emerald
  • Cambridge University Press - Cambridge Journals Online
  • Proquest New Platform
  • SpringerLink
  • Taylor & Francis
  • CABI Compendium
  • Wiley

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Journals are important sources of information for subject research. Below is list of journals often used in Language, Literature and Communication.

  • Wood & wood products.  TS840 W6
  • Wood and fiber : journal of the Society of Wood Science and Technology. QK647 S6
  • Journal of the Institute of Wood Science.   TA419 A1J62
  • Hydrolysis and wood chemistry USSR.   QD501 H9
  • Journal of wood science.   SD225 J35
  • TTJ : timber & wood products.   HD9750.1 T583
  • Forest and timber.   SD1 F716
  • Timber harvesting.  TS1171 P87

Other journals subscribed by library can be search via WebOPAC to identify location and holdings.

E-Journals Getting articles from elsewhere

Find e-journals available to the library by title or subject.

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Reference Works

The Reference Collection on the First Floor contains a number of different works from quick references, dictionaries, encyclopedia, atlas, thesaurus and etc.There are also ranges of electronic reference resources which is available on the Internet.

UPM Thesis

Thesis for variety sources of information for subject research. Below is a list of UPM Thesis often used in Wood.

  • Wood resources allocation in a wood processing company   TLN 1975 5
  • An appraisal of the economic potential of rubber wood in Malaysia    TLN 1972 21
  • Dielectric, ultrasonic and viscoelastic properties of rubber wood    FSAS 1998 28
  • Capacitance-based tomography of fiberboards and wood    FS 2005 21
  • Characterization of machining defects in wood planing operation    FH 2010 2
  • An economic analysis of joint production between latex and wood among rubber smallholders in Melaka    FEP 1998 4
  • Radiation-induced Graft Copolymerization of Methyl Acrylate and Acrylic Acid Onto Rubber Wood Fiber    FSAS 2002 12
  • Biological pre-treatment of rubber wood with white rot fungi for bioethanol production              IB 2011 19
  • Permeability and moisture distribution in oil palm wood and influence on development of effective method for veneer moisture reduction   IPTPH 2012 2

  • The encyclopedia of wood.     TA419 E56
  • Concise encyclopedia of wood & wood-based materials. TA419 C744
  • The Encyclopedia of wood : a tree-by-tree guide to the world's most versatile resource.     TA419 E56  
Handbooks Dictionaries
  • A handbook on Indian wood and wood panels : solid wood.  SD515 H236   
  • Handbook on wood preservation.   TA424 A512
  • Handbook of wood chemistry and wood composites. TS932 H236 2013
  • Wood handbook: wood as an engineering material. S21 A37 no.72   1974

  • Dictionary of wood and woodworking practice.   TA419 B922
  • Russian-English, English-Russian forestry and wood dictionary.   SD126 L758 1999
  • Kamus perhutanan : sains kayu dan hasil hutan.   SD126 K15



1.Worlddirectory of wood-based panel producers.  TS842 W6

  • A glossary of wood.    SD431 C799                                      
  • Glossary of terms related to the drying of wood.    TS837 G563 1977
  • Multilingual glossary of terms used in wood anatomy.   QK647 M961
  • Glossary of terms relating to timber and wood work.  TA368 M3 no.3.75 1976


This is a list of the notable Language, Literature and Communication organizations includes intergovernmental, governmental or non-governmental.




This list provides a sampling of the rapidly proliferating number of resources on Language, Literature and Communication available on the Internet. However, this page will remain on the Web as a courtesy to those people who still use it.

  • Wood Industry http://www.woodindustry.ca/

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